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I grew up on a farm developing a tremendous appreciation for the out-of-doors, wild animals and expansive landscapes. I never thought so much of capturing all of this on film and took up hunting as a way of enjoying the challenge of getting close to wild animals. I rifle hunted, then bow hunted and was very good at it. In 1980 I became the Washington State Bow Hunter Champion. And as I aged and my children left home I found it unnecessary to hunt for food and recreation and started photographing what I was seeing. I could spend as much or more time in the out-of-doors and experience great pleasure in this way. My first "real" camera was a professional level Minolta film camera. When Minolta was being sold I felt uncomfortable with available services and converted to Canon film and digital equipment. I have not hunted with a weapon since taking up photography and now hunt only with my camera gear.
I have been very fortunate to have had many people and organizations enjoy my work which has been published on many magazine covers as well as inside magazines, calendars and other publications. I am deeply humbled and appreciative of all who enjoy my work. However, were it not for my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, I would not have the opportunities nor skills to accomplish anything. My images are His Images.
I formerly co-founded Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest and served as the Vice President for 10 years. Many photographers of widely varied skills and accomplishments have enjoyed inexpensive bi-annual weekend gatherings on College campuses along the I-5 corridor between Corvallis, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington. We had guest speakers such as George Lepp, Art Wolf and many others. Attendees frequently number above 200 members. I am also a board member of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.
I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy speaking engagements with organizations such as Audubon and Hunters Associations as well as Dine and Discover to name just a few.
I hope you enjoy the images I have posted. They are available for purchasing and/ or licensing upon request. Email me at with your request for image(s), size and print medium, or if you do not see something that quite fits your needs, I have thousands upon thousands of images in my library I will be happy to reseach for you. Please have patience as I have many images to upload of many subjects and little time to build this site.
All images are copyrighted. Do not copy, download or use my images in any way without my written permission.



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